Anseo is Dublin’s Best Pub

This site is not related to Anseo in any way, it's just an homage

In case you're wondering why it's the best.. Time and time again you hear it; “What’s your favourite bar in Dublin?” and time and time again it’s not Anseo, but very often... it is.

The mood is just right, it catches a setting sun for evening pints like nowhere on earth. Every evening between March and September is like a fresh pint solstice.

Later in the evening it feels like the bar from your favourite film and the music is your favourite music. I think I saw tennis on the secret TV once too, I don’t care much for tennis but that’s pretty great.

If you can't make it yet you can still capture the vibe it through the compilation of the glorious *Sounds and Pressure* playlists crafted by 💿 Denise Judge💿 … Close your eyes, make some space and get dancing, or sit on a medium-comfortable chair and take it in.

You can also go for a laugh upstairs if that’s why you're here.